Starnes E/R 4 rocks

Question Answer
Rock Combination of one or more minerals or organic matter
Composition Mineral or chemical makeup of the rock.
Texture Size, shape, and positions of the crystal grains that make up rock.
Intrusive Rock that cools slowly beneath the earths surface. Large, visible crystals.
Extrusive Rock that cools quickly at the earths surface. Small fine-grained crystals.
Clastic Formed when sediments are buried, compacted, and cemented together with calcite or quartz.
Chemical Formed when water evaporates and minerals precipitate and form crystals.
Organic Formed from the remains of once living plants and animals. Fossils.
Foliated Pressure and specific temperatures in the rock causes the mineral grains to realign and form parallel bands.
Nonfoliated Pressure and heat form rocks that are not in planes or bands. Usually made primarily of quartzite and marble.


Term Definition
Approach To come toward someone or something.
Assume You give someone your attention.
Awkward Feels nervous or clumsy.
Encourage When you give someone hope.
Notice To see or hear it.
Practice To do something in order to become better at it.
Weight A heavy object used for exercise.

Abbreviations 4

Term Definition
H2O Water
hx History
fuo Fever of unknown orgin
H/A Headache
liq Liquid
h/ hr hour
lg large
LLE Left lower extremity
lb Pound
lab laboratory
L/ lt. left
L liter
kg Kilogram
IV Intravenous
isol Isolation
irr./ irrig Irrigation
inc Incontinent
ICU Intensive Care Unit
I & O Intake and Output
hypo low, less than normal
hyper Above normal, too fast, rapid
HTN Hypertension
ht Height
HOH Hard of Hearing
HOB Head of Bed
HBV Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Micro C 12 Eukaryotes: fungi, algae, protozoa & helminths

Question Answer
*what are the 4 groups of fungi? zygomycetes, ascomycetes, basidiomycetes, deutromycetes
What does zygomycetes do? rots food; requires warm moist environment, has sexual and asexual reproduction
What is the largest group of fungi? ascomycete; example aspergillus, attacks plants
What fungi group are mushrooms in? basidomycetes; other examples rust, smut, form structure and basido grows inside. sexual and asexual reproduction
What are deutromycetes includes penicillin, candida albicans, sporothrix (black mold); reproduces asexual only.
What is the largest pathogen in the world? Phytophthora; causes "true" pandemic; affects potato crop
What is the study of fungi? mycology
What is the cellular arrangement of fungi? unicellular
What is the fungi nutritional type? chemoheterotroph
Name two characteristic features of eukaryote fungi. sexual and asexual spores
Molds include the fungal _______ that consists of __________mass which is ___________. thallus, hyphae, mycelium
What are the two groups of yeasts? fission and budding
how do fission yeasts divide? symmetrically
how do budding yeasts reproduce? asymmetrically
what is the middle phase of yeasts? schmoo (character at dog patch)
All fungal species have __ Latin names. 2sexual and asexual
what do zygospores do? rot food
Basidiomycota includes: club fungi, hallucinogenic mushrooms-3 licks and it kills you.
What are the effects of fungi? saccharomyces cerevisiae is in bread and wine; trichodema is in cellulase, biological agent and used in blue jean technology.
What are the different fungal disease (mycoses)? systemic-deep w/in body (bad)subcutaneous-beneath the skincutaneous-hair, skin, nailssuperficial-localized, hair shaftsopportunistic-cased by normal microbiota or environmental fungi
Describe Lichens mutualistic combination of an alga (cyanobacterium) and fungus.
What are the 3 types of lichens? fruticose-fruitfoliose-leafcrustose-crust
Lichen Thallus includes a ______ layer. algal
What is used in dies, litmus paper and basis for arctic eco system? lichen tallus
What are the effects of Lichens? used as dyes, antimicrobial (Usnea), litmus; keystone for "carabo"
What kindom is algae in? Protist
*What are the 3 levels of algae and what do they each represent? *(Phaeophyta)brown-deep water, kelp(Rhodophyta)red-used to make agar(Chlorophyta)green-most plant like
what is algin used for? thickening agent for commercial ice cream
What do Diatoms do? store oil, fossilized diatoms formed oil; used in toothpaste, pool filters, and fertiilzer
what is an organic/natural insecticide? diatoms; they have a thin glass like shell when crushed, insects eat and it gets in their joints and they die. They can not build resistance to it.
What is an example of Dinoflagellates? neurotoxins cause paralytic shellfish poisoning; protein chem. that packs neurons
What is Dr. Bates an "expert" in? Oomycota
*What is Oomycota? ick on fish; water omolds, produce zoospores; grows through skin; if in water growth occurs in eyes, nose, ears.
*What is phytophthora infestans? responsible for irish potato blight; in oomycota category.
*what causes sudden oak death? P. ramorum in oomycota category
Protozoa is what category? catch all
Vegetative form of protozoa is_____ trophozoite
Some protozoa produce___ cysts
What are the two main phases of protozoa? trophozoite-attackingcysts-resting
*List the medically important Phyla of Protozoa. AMAACEArchaezoaMicrosporaAmoebozoaApicomplexaCilophoraEuglenozoathe break up is based on mobility
The Archaezoa has no _______. mitochondria(Arch = old)
What is another term form beaver fever? Giardia lamblia
The most common archaezoa is: trichomonas vaginalis-swims in water
Microspora is nonmotile, has no mitochondria, intracellular parasites and includes Nosema.
Amoeboza is moved by pseudopods
Apicoplexais includes: complex life cyclesPlasmodium which is malarianonmotilecatch all group
Ciliaes move by ________ and are _______ cells. cilia, complex
Euglenozoa include photoautrophs
Hemoglagellates in the Euglenozoa category include: Chagas'disease
Sime molds are important environmentally and can be pets.
Worms also called _____ are in the ______ Kingdom. Helminths, animalia
*Platyhelminthes are flatworms
*Nematoda are roundworms
Characteristics of Helminths: reduced digestive systemreduced nervous system reduced locomotioncomplex reproduction
Life Cycle of Helminths includes Monoecious which is __________ and _____________. hermaphroditic (male and female reproductive systems in one animal) Dioecious-separate male and female reporductive systems
Tapeworms have 4 suckershookstestisgenital poreovarycan ge up to 30' longembed in the intestinal wall
Female Nematodes can go through_________ and it clones itself Parthenogenius (virgin birth)
Heartworm is classified as a nematode
*Insects have __ legs. 6lice, flease, mosquitoes
*Arachnida have __ legs 8mites, ticks
Arthropods as Vectors have _______ transmission mechanicalmicrobe multiplies in vector

Practicum III Peds Emergency

Question Answer
Active emesis, acute trauma, something in the esophagus, unstable c-spine are all CONTRAINDICATIONS for?t Cricoid pressure
what muscle relaxant is preferred ROC > SUCCs
if SUCCs is used make sure ____ (0.02mg/kg) is given as well atropine
TIVA > GETA (less is more with dosage) Prop & Remi, Ketamine may be used but be mindful of secretions
use of antisialagogues before induction with KETAMINE reduce secretions
in case of airway obstruction…. ADMINISTER oxygen
if any doubt of airway obstruction GO TO _____ OR
Laryngoscopy> rigid bronch > Trach or cricothyrotomy ORDER for EPIGLOTTITIS
Antiviral agent used to treat infants with bronchiolitis caused by RSV RIBAVIRIN
Beta agonist, corticosterioids, INH agents, & ECMO is acute therapy for? STATUS ASTHMATICUS
MOST important EARLY indicator of hypovolemic shock in PEDs trauma TACHYCARDIA
____% of blood volume loss w/o hemodynamic changes then BRADYCARDIA 25
TX for SEPTIC shock ID the underlying cause (administer abx & expand volume
in SEPTIC shock if adrenal insufficiency is noted what should be administered CORTICOSTEROID
Ventilation, OXYGEN, epi, and fluid to support hemodynamics is a tx for WHICH type of shock ANAPHYLACTIC
Tx for Sz ANTICONVULSANTS & Anesthetics to DECREASE brain metabolic req'ment
Secondary SURVEY in TRAMA (AMPLE) Allergies, Meds, Past Hx, Last Eaten, Exposure/Events
smallest area in pediatric trachea subglottic area
3 Ps of circulation PIPES (source of bleeding), PRIME (components of circulation) & Pump (cardiac function & contractility)
areas not used in PEDS for IV access in trauma Subclavian & Internal Jugular
which crystalloid for SEVERE hypovolemia LR if not severe then use NS
what are primary goals of PEDs trauma Delivery of OXYGEN, Ventilation, Perfusion to organs, Normothermia/Slight Hypothermia, Renal function, Neuro stability, Correction of Coagulopathies, Avoid OVERhydration, and MGMT of metabolic demands
Maintain plt >____, Fibrinogen >____mg/dL, PTT <____ & maintain ionized calcium 100,000, 125, 1.5
Drug Dosage for PEDS trauma (Ketamine, Atropine, Succ, Roc) 1-2mg/kg, 0.02mg/kg, 2mg/kg, 1.2mg/kg
Most common cause of traumatic death HEAD injury
Calm the brain with ETCO2 btwn ___ & ___ 30-35
STIDOR/HOARSENESS, fire in confined space, soot in nostrils/sputum mouth, singed nasal/facial hair, burns on face/tongue/pharynx are SIGNS inhalation injury
if unsure of inhalation injury or CO poisoning what should you do? INTUBATE
what types of fluids are used for EARLY resuscitation Colloids and HYPERtonic saline
evaporative loss may exceed _____mL/m2 of burn surface 4000
Parkland formula 4ml/kg x %burn x weight in KG (1/2 given in first 8 hours + 1/2 given over next 16 hours)
Most important response to fluid therapy Urinary Output 0.5-1 mL/kg/hr
Rule of NINES for PEDS Face 9%, HEAD 18%, Arms 9%, Torso 32%, Legs 14%, every year of age greater than 1 decrease head and ADD to leg
Treatment for CO Poisoning INCREASE OXYGEN
in ELECTRICAL burns what should you monitor HYPERKALEMIA
Cardio OUTPUT initially then 3-5 days after decreased then INCREASED
Decreased FRC, Pulm Compliance & Chest wall compliance Pulmonary Burn Injury
GFR early & late in RENAL injury Decreased then Increased
Later DAMAGE to LIVER function is related to? Drug TOXICITY, SEPSIS, or MULTIPLE blood txn
Cerebral EDEMA & ICP may present in which phase of the burn injury INITIAL
INCREASE or DECREASE in blood viscosity INCREASE
GI goal in BURN injuries DECREASE incidence of stress ulcers (Enteral or parenteral feedings)
r/t to ENDOCRINE function what should be avoided HYPERGLYCEMIA
In BURN injuries CALCIUM is LOW FYI (tx with CaCl and CAGluconate)


Question Answer
what ia approach to come tord
what is asume to guess
what is attention to listin what to say
what is akward feels nervus orclummsy
what is encurge giving hope
what is notice hear or do it
what is wegiht sonthing you do exersise with
what is pratice

chapter 6

Term Definition
accounting cycle activities preformed in an accounting period that help the business keep its records in an orderly fashion
check stub a source document that lists the same information that appears on a check and shows the balance in the checking account befor and after each check is written
source document a paper prepared as evidence that a transaction has occured
journal a chronological record of the transactions of a business
invoice a source document that lists the quantity, description, unit price, and total cost of the items sold and shipped to a buyer
journalizing the process of recording business transactions in a journal
receipt a source document that serves as a record of cash received`
fiscal year an accounting period of twelve months
memorandum a brief written message that describes a transaction that takes place within a business
calendar year accounting period that begins on january 1 and ends on december 31
general journal an all purpose journal in which all the transactions of a business may be recorded


Question Answer
Tecla usada para crear un fotograma clave F6
En este modo el sonido se sincroniza con la linea de tiempo. Si la reproduccion de la pelicula se detiene, el sonido tambien se detiene FLUJO
Tecla usada para crear un fotograma vacio F7
Es un recuadro que aparece dentro del area de un sitio o pagina web y que contiene algun mensaje comercial. BANNER
El contenido de estos textos puede ser modificado durante la reproduccion de la pelicula publicada, normalmente mediante programacion. DINAMICO
En este modo el sonido se reproduce completo (de inicio a fin) en cuanto la reproduccion de la pelicula llega al frame en el que se encuentra. EVENTO
Permiten anadir atractivos efectos visuales a texto, botones y movie Clips, no es posible aplicarlos a graficos que no son instancias de simbolos. FILTRO
Este tipo de fotograma marca un contenido nuevo en la pelicula CLAVE
Capa usada como trayectoria par que un objeto la siga GUIA
Es un simbolo estatico que comunmente solo requiere un layer y un frame. No puede ser programado con Action Script. GRAFICO
Con este efecto el sonido comienza a reproducirse tal como se importo y comienza a disminuir el volumen hasta llegar al nivel 0 DESVANECIMIENTO
Tipo de banner con medidas de 300 X 250 Pixeles ROBAPAGINA
Tipo de banner con medidas de 120 X 60 Pixeles BANNER BOTON
Tipo de banner con medidas de 480 X 60 Pixeles FULL BANNER
Tipo de banner con medidas de 120 X 600 Pixeles SKYSCRAPPER
Tipo de banner con medidas de 728 X 90 Pixeles LEADERBOARD


Term Definition
approach come toward somone or something.
assume you guess something is true.
attention you listen to someone
awkward feels nervous
encourage give somone hope.
notice see something
practice do something to get better at it
weight heavy object

Latin 21-23

Question Answer
Dux ducis Leader m
Frater fratris Brother m
Mater matris Mother f
Miles milites Solider m
Pater patris Father m
Rex Regis King m
Soror sororis Sister f
Canis canis Dog m or f
Crux crucis Cross f
Lex legis Law f
Lux Lucis Light f
Mos moris Custom m
Panis panis Bread m
Pax pacis Peace f
Pes pedis Foot m
Sol Solis Sun m
Vox vocis Voice f
Caput cA?pitis Head n
Cor cordis Heart n
Flumen flA?minis River n
Lumen lA?minis Lamp n
Nomen nA?minis Name n