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Question Answer
cd.. or cd .. (short for change directory) Change to the parent directory (Linux Command cd..)
cd or cd Change to the root directory Linux Command – cd / (note the forward slash)
cls Clear the screen Linux – Clear
exit Close a command prompt window
fc (file compare) Compare the contents of two files Linux – diff (difference)
copy Copy a file Linux – cp (copy)
mkdir or md (make directory) Create a directory Linux – mkdir
del or erase Delete files Linux -rm (remove)
rmdir or rd (remove dir) Delete directories Linux – rmdir
more Display file contents, a screen at a time Linux – more or less
mem Display the amount of available RAM Linux – free
date Display/change the date
echo Echo output to the screen
dir or attrib Find a file by filename
find or grep Find a text string in a file
pwd (print working directory) Show the current filepath
But what exactly are British Values? DemocracyRule of law Individual LibertyMutual respect Tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs
What do call the group of people allowed to vote? Electorate
what do you call a crime that can give a death sentence? Capital offense
what kind of laws separate people based on race? Segregation laws
Value all people and their experience Diversity
To judge a person because of their religion. Prejudice
Gender— often leads to single sex industries Stereotyping
Only employing men in a workforce is an example of Discrimination
<!DOCTYPE html> doc type declaration
<h1></h1> heading 1
<p></p> paragraph
HTML HyperText Markup Language
Why should you use command line tools There are many great tools that are only available at the command line.
What is a shell The first command that is run when you access the command line, it povides you with the actual interactive command-line interface.

Lesson 14 Med. Term

Term Definition
proxim- nearest
scol- curved
apo- away from
di- twice
dis- through
eury- broad
pect- chest
necr- dead
mi- less
morph- from
dis- apart
fac- make
lept- slender
lymph- watery fluid
meta- Beyond
-rrhag burst
sta- stand
ton- stretch
volv- to roll
splanchn- internal organs
-rrhe flow
med- middle
xer- dry
per- throught
blast- bud

10 weeds id

Latin Common
Buckhorn Plaintain Plantago lanceolata
Broadleaf Plaintain Plantago major
Clover Trifolium
Henbit Lamium amplexicaule
Ground ivy Glechoma hederacea
Common Mallow Malva neglecta
Prostrate Spurge Euphorbia maculata
Common Purslane Portulaca oleracea
Crabgrass Digitaria
Nutsedge Cyperus

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non, not nonprofit: not established for the purpose of making a profit
spect, look introspection: examination of one's own menntal and emotinal state or mental process; the act looking within oneself.
scribe, write inscribe: to write, to curve, to print, or engrave on a surfacce
medi, middle mediate: to settle disputes between parties; to bring about agreement or peace.
equi, equal equitable: just, fair; imparitial

Quiz 4-Elements Science

Element Letter
Hydrogen H
Lithium Li
Sodium Na
Potassium K
Barium Ba
Beryllium Be
Magnesium Mg
Calcium Ca
Strontium Sr
Radium Ra
Titanium Ti
Chromium Cr
Molybdenum Mo
Tungsten W
Manganese Mn
Iron Fe
Cobalt Co
Nickel Ni
Platinum Pt
Copper Cu
Silver Ag
Gold Au
Zinc Zn
Carbon C
Silicon Si
Mercury Hg
Boron B
Aluminum Al
Gallium Ga
Lead Rb
Tin Sn
Germanium Ge
Iodine I
Sulfur S
Bromine Br
Chlorine Cl
Oxygen O
Bismoth Bi
Nitrogen N
Phosphorous P
Arsenic As
Antimony Sb
Selenium Se
Fluorins F
Cadmium Cd

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Question Answer
divulged revealed or made known
modification a change
incision cut with a scalpel or knife
optimum the best or most favorable
damsel a young, unmarried woman
urgency necessity; importance
toxic poisonous(Non-toxic means NOT poisonous.)
furrowed deeply wrinkled, as on the forehead
kin relative(s)
injustice an unjust or unfair act

World History Unit 3

Question Answer
What was life like for the Jews while they were in Egypt?
Why is the religion known as Judaism?
What was life like for the Jews in the Middle East under the different empires?
How did the Roman Empire initially treat Christians? AD 313, the Emperor Constantine made Christianity legal, they were allowed to openly worship. In AD 391, the worship of other gods was made illegal.
How did the Roman Empire allow Christianity to grow? Emperor Made Christianity Legal
Describe the importance of Christianity in medieval Europe. Majority of people in Europe followed the Christian religion under the authority of Roman Catholic Church.
How does Islam relate to Judaism and Christianity? They share a common belief in the one God.
Describe the division of Islam into Sunni and Shia. Growing number of Muslim countries is threatening to fracture Iraq and Syria.
Describe the Islamic Empires. How did they expand? How did they treat the people they conquered? What was society like? Islam Spread thought the military conquest, trade, pilgrimage, and missionaries
Compare the religious texts of each of these 3 religions. Both religion believe int he word of the Old Testament.Both religion believe in one god.Both religions believe the human life to be highly valuable.
Compare the 10 Commandments and the 5 Pillars of Islam.
Do you think these 3 religions are more similar or more different? Why?
How did Gandhi view different religions?
Describe the relationship between Gandhi and his wife over time.
What did Gandhi try to accomplish?
How did he try to achieve his goals?
Do you think Gandhi was ultimately successful? Why

about rachel 1 question

Question Answer
Who does Rachel Hate? Logan Harrison
Who is one of Rachel's Favorite Youtuber? Laurenzide
Who else is one of Rachel's Favorite Youtuber? Kubzscouts
What about Biju Mike? Yes
True or False? Rachel's Birthday is the 27th of September False
What is Rachel's Goal? To make a Cartoon about Cats to entertain People
What is Rachel's FULL name? Rachel Elizabeth Spence
What youtuber does she act like when she's scared when she's playing Minecraft? Markiplier
Who is Rachel's best friend in her school? Candace Jones
What does Rachel's room look like? Messy
What is her favorite game that Youtubers play? Yandere Simulator
Who is her favorite rival in Yandere Simulator Osoro
What is she kind of a fan of? Sonic Stuff
What is her favorite Sonic game that she has ever played? Sonic all stars racing transformed
What is her favorite anime TV show? Sonic X
What is her TV show? The Simpsons
Who are her Favorite Simpson Characters? Bart Simpson and Milhouse Van Houten
What is her fav movie? The emoji movie

Lesson 14 Medical Terminology

Term Definition
proxim- nearest
scol- curved
apo- away from
di- twice
dia- through
eury- broad
pect- chest
necr- dead
mi- less
morph- form
dis- apart
fac- make, do
lept- slender
lymph- watery fluid
meta- beyond
-rrhag burst, burst forth
sta- stand
ton- stretch
volv- to roll
splanchn- internal organs
-rrhe flow
med- middle
xer- dry
per- throughout
blast- bud


Question Answer
The country that Jesus lived in? palestine
What were main the main parts of Palestine? Judea, Samaria, Galilee
Jesus' main ministry base Capernaum
Where Jesus was born Bethlehem
Where Jesus grew up Nazareth
Where Jesus died Jerusalem
Place Jews avoided Samaria
Every town had what around it? Walls
The capital of Palestine Judea