2017-2018 Stems

Question Answer
anti against
com together
dis away
equi equal
mis bad
intra during
semi half
super over
archy government
itis infection
ician specialist
cise cut
bio life
logy science
cred believe
neo new
biblio book
spec look
hydro water
omni all
re again
neuro nerve
viv life
bene good
loco place
endo within
vita life
cogn know
mar sea
gamy marriage
brev short
necro death
urb city
pugn fight
ecto outer
plasto molded
agog leader
cle small
il not
sed sit
leg read
anim mind
tort twisted
nym name
sanct holy
meta change
petr rock
mir wonder
man hand
rect right
volv roll
demi half
retro backward
sens feel
fy make
ocul eye
cur care for
ultra beyond
oid appearance
gest carry
apt fit
tact touch
voc voice
rid laugh
path feeling
a not
nomy law
fid faith
caco bad
hetero different
sci know
graph write
lat side
lith rock
tract pull
in in or not
co together
phile love
ine nature
-ar relating to
hexa six
fract break
platy flat
theo god
fin end
hedron sided object
ambul walk
ous full of
topo place
ped foot or child
mort death
carn flesh
psych soul
ethno race or culture
gen origin
nat born
paleo old
curs run
crypt hidden
cad fall
capit head
loqu talk
sacro holy
uni one
ness quality
alt high
ics art
iso equal
vert turn
ate cause
cor heart
ess female
muta change
fug flee

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