8th grade science Chemistry Quiz

Question Answer
How many elements are made up so far? more than 100 known elements
Matter can be made up of combinations of many different Elements
Most elements are _____ at room temperature Solid
Elements can be physically or____________changed chemically
What is the smallest part of an element atoms
What is the core or center of an atom nucleus
What does the nucleus contain protons and neutrons
What charge does a proton have positive
What charge does a neuton have no charge
What surrounds the nucleus electrons
What charge do electrons have negative
What is the atomic number the number of protons
How does the charge of a whole atom stay at zero there must be an equal number of protons and electrons
How is Atomic mass expressed Atomic mass units
What is the smallest part of an element an atom
The first letter of a symbol on the periodic table is capitalized
Elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic number
All elements in the same columns or groups have similar properties
The last column of elements such as He, Ne, At, and Kr are Noble gases
Malleable, have luster and are good conductors metal
Poor conductors of heat Non metals
elements that do not react with other elements are noble gases
What is matter made of atoms
Has mass and takes up space (volume) Matter
What is used to change matter? Energy
Matter is identified by its properties and characteristics
size, color, shape, and melting point can be observed Physical properties
Describe how the matter reacts with other matter Chemical properties
Has no definite shape or volume gas
has a definite volume but no definite shape liquid
particles in a _____________have the least motion or kinetic energy
Change from solid to liquid melting
Heat added to liquid can become gas
What is condensation the change from gass to liquid
Density physical property of matter
The concentration of mass in an object is called density
What happens when matter only changes its appearance and not its chemical composition a physical change
A new substance is formed during a chemical change
Atomic symbol for Hydrogen H
Atomic symbol for silver is Ag
Atomic symbol for the element Potassium is K
Burning wood is an example of Chemical change
Atomic mass equals the number of protons plus the number of electrons
Atomic number equals protons and electrons if the atom is neutral
What is a substance Matter for which a chemical formula can be written
Elements and Compounds are Substances
Mixtures Can be in any proportion and the parts are not chemically bonded
Two or more elements chemically combine, Result of a chemical change or reaction Compound
Smallest part of a compound is A molecule
two or more substances that are physically combined but do not chemically combine Mixture
Substance evenly mixed with another Solution
The part of a solution that does the dissolving Solvent
The part of a solution that dissolves Solute
Changes of phase Melting, freezing, boiling–
Has definite volume, has no shape, particles are closely packed but can move freely Liquid
Volume can change, has no shape, takes the shape of the container it is in, molecules move freely, molecules spread apart Gases
What is the difference in state of a substance In a liquid the molecules move and are more loosely packed

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