about rachel 1 question

Question Answer
Who does Rachel Hate? Logan Harrison
Who is one of Rachel's Favorite Youtuber? Laurenzide
Who else is one of Rachel's Favorite Youtuber? Kubzscouts
What about Biju Mike? Yes
True or False? Rachel's Birthday is the 27th of September False
What is Rachel's Goal? To make a Cartoon about Cats to entertain People
What is Rachel's FULL name? Rachel Elizabeth Spence
What youtuber does she act like when she's scared when she's playing Minecraft? Markiplier
Who is Rachel's best friend in her school? Candace Jones
What does Rachel's room look like? Messy
What is her favorite game that Youtubers play? Yandere Simulator
Who is her favorite rival in Yandere Simulator Osoro
What is she kind of a fan of? Sonic Stuff
What is her favorite Sonic game that she has ever played? Sonic all stars racing transformed
What is her favorite anime TV show? Sonic X
What is her TV show? The Simpsons
Who are her Favorite Simpson Characters? Bart Simpson and Milhouse Van Houten
What is her fav movie? The emoji movie

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