Between shades Study guide for Between Shades of Gray test

Question Answer
How does the book begin? (4) The Vilkas family (Elena, Lina, and Jonas) are arrested by the NKVD
How much was Jonas’s life worth to an NKVD officer? (27) A pocket watch
How did the Soviets make the deportees look like criminals? (41) They put the phrase “thieves and prostitutes” on the train car
What did Lina first use to draw on and pass along to her father? (62) A handkerchief
What gift makes its way among Lina, Andrius and Jonas throughout the story? A stone
What three things were part of the condemnation papers the NKVD tried to get the prisoners to sign at the labor camp? (142) They agree to join the collective farm,They agree to pay a war tax of two hundred rubles per person, They agree to be imprisoned for 25 years
What were they forced to do before taking a shower? (97) Undress in front of the soldiers
What does Andrius pull Jonas away from seeing? (102) Ona's body after the guard shot her
Where is the farming area where the trucks arrive? (105) near Altai
What is grown on this farm? (105) beets and potatoes
When are the prisoners taken to the military office? (140) In the middle of the night
Who is Ulyushka? (138) The old woman with whom Lina's family lives on the farm
When they arrived at the first work camp, what happened when Lina, her mother, and their friend were digging a huge hole? (150) They were buried alive momentarily.
What did Lina's father tell Lina when she found him? (44) You can help me find you.
Where did the main characters, Lina, Jonas, and Elena, live prior to being deported? (4) Lithuania
How did Lina save Andrius's life? (54) She pulled him into the train when he was hurt.
What does Mr. Lukas say is wrong with Jonas? (193) Scurvy
What is a kolkhoz? (105) A collective farm
What does the mother of the yellow girl who dies do? (256) Jumps off the train when the girl's body is removed.
What was Lina interested in the most? Art
What happened to Lina and Jonas when they snuck out of the train car at night? (46-47) They were caught by the Russian police and threatened to be shot.
How did Andrius save Jonas? (195) He gave him a can of tomatoes.
What happens to the little girl's doll? (252) The doll was shot and ripped apart by NKVD officers
What do Lina and Jonas realize about their mother? (285) She is giving the two of them most of her food rations.
What does Elena learn that makes her collapse? (298) That her husband has been killed in prison.
What did Lina find in the book Andrius gave her for her birthday? (303) secret notes written on pages
What Russian word did Andrius tell Lina she has to learn? and what does it mean? (324) Krasivaya. It means beautiful, but with strength.
What did the little girl and Lina find in the snow? (305) A dead owl
What do the NKVD immediately do when the American ship arrives? (280-281) They hide them in their huts
Who revealed to Lina, the reason her family was in prison? (289) The bald man
Why does a doctor arrive to help the prisoners in the end? (334) Kretzsky sent the doctor to the camp
How is Lina’s story revealed to the public in the end? (337) Construction workers find her stories 40 years later
How long was Lina imprisoned? (337) 12 years
What was the last thing Andrius said to Lina? (248) "I'll see you."

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