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gametophyte photosynthesis moss phase
phloem transports organic compounds
cuticle waxy covering on plant surfaces
The ________ allows the exchange of carbon dioxide stomata
________ tissue allows plants t to grow tall because it transports water to the top of the plant and carbohydrates to the roots vascular
_________ produce naked seeds, while ________ produce seeds protected inside the fruit gymnosperms and angiosperms
__________,___________, and __________ produce seeds cycadophyta, ginkgophyto, and genophyta
non vascular plants are distinguished by the…? absence of xylem and phloem
a seed is? a plant embryo inside a protective coat
which on the following is not an ecological growing faster than undesirable plants
byrophytes are…? low-growing plants that live in moist environments
all vascular plants…? have conducting tissues and alternation and generations
true roots, stems, and leaves are all characteristics of all seed plants
which of the following phyla of plants produce seeds coniferphyta
what are the primary functions pf spores and seeds to protects and disperse the plants reproductive cells
in what way do green algae differ from plants green algae needs water for dispersal of reproductive cells, and they don't have a lot of protection form water loss and structural support
why do non vascular plant have to live in moist environments they lack means of transporting water and they need water for sexual reproduction
names three bryophytes, and theur common characteristics liverworts, mosses, and horn-warts. moist environments, non vascular, lack true roots leaves and steam, and they have a alternate generations life cycle
which plant phylum has the tallest and most massive pants, and are they non vascular, seedless vascular, or seed plants coniferophyta: seedless vascular
sporophyte stage in the plant life cycle produces spores spores

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