Term Definition
C3s College, Career and Civic Life
The 4 Inquiry Arc dimensionsQ-DEC Developing questions, Applying Disciplinary concepts, Evaluating sources/using evidence, Communicating conclusions and taking informed action
Economics Economic Decision MakingExchange and MarketsThe National EconomyThe Global Economy
Geography Geographic Representations: Spatial Views of the WorldHuman-Environment Interaction: Place, Regions, and CultureHuman Population: Spatial Patterns and MovementsGlobal Interconnections: Changing Spatial Patterns
History Change, Continuity, and ContextPerspectivesHistorical Sources and EvidenceCausation and Argumentation
Inquiry Arc The C3 way of learning social studies; through inquiry; pursuit of knowledge through questions
C3 history 2010
Important connection Common Core State Standards for ELA and LIteracy
4 key disciplines of the C3s Civics, Economics, Geography, History
C3 grade bands K–2, 3–5, 6–8, and 9–12.
3 areas not addressed by C3s CONTENT to be taughtVarying ABILITIES of studentsOther DISCIPLINES within Social Studies
C3s of the behavioral and social sciences Taught as electives at the HS; may be incorporated into C3s later
CCSS Anchor standards Common Core State Standards
CCR Anchor standard College and Career Readiness standard articulated for each strand of CCSS
Common Core standard most closely tied to Social Studies ELA/Literacy Common Core Standards
Compelling questionsResearch questions focus on enduring issues
Suppporting questions help define and direct the parameters of the inquiry
Emphasis of C3s Concepts and skills
Emphasis of State Standards Curricular content
Discipline 1 Civica (3Ps: political institutions, civic participation, processes rules and laws)
Discipline 2 Economics (DENG: Decision making, Exchange and markets, National economy, Global economy)

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