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Acts like the bone of the cell, keeping the cell in place and protects the cell. This part of the cell is only found in plant cells and bacteria cells. Cell wall
Lets things in and out of the cell. It is semipermeable. Cell membrane
It stores water and other important nutrients along with waste the cell does not need in animal cells and only holds water in plant cells. Vacuoles
Directs the activity in the cell, because of it's chromosomes. Nucleus
Deconstructs the food in cells, but there are more in animal cells. Lysosomes
Makes different proteins based on the nucleus?s orders Ribosomes
Keeps the organelles in a jelly-like area that keeps them in place AND contains molecules that help the ribosomes produce their proteins Cytoplasm
Converts the sun's ray into energy for the plant cell. Chloroplast
Prepares proteins to be shipped around the cell. Endoplasmic Reticulum
It packs and organizes nutrients and them to different places in the cell. Gogli Apparatus
Is the "motor" that helps a Bacteria cell move around Flagellum
Protects the bacteria cell from intruders that may attempt to harm the cell Capsule
Lets a bacteria cell attach itself to other things (Including another cell) Pili & Fimbrea
Makes ribosomes. Nucleolus
Breaks down sugars and releases its energy Mitochondria

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