civics Ch 10

Term Definition
polling place the location where voting is carried out
precinct a geographic area that contains a specific number of voters
ballot the list of candidates on which you cast your vote
absentee ballot one that allows a person to vote without going to the polls on election day
returns ballots and results of an election
exit poll a survey taken at polling places of people who voted
electorate all the people who are eligible to vote
apathy a lack of interest
electoral college a group of people named by each state legislature to select the president and vice president
initiative a procedure by which citizens can propose new laws or state constitutional amendments
proposition a petition asking for a new law
referendum a way for citizens to vote on state or local laws
recall a special election in which citizens can vote to remove public official from office situation in which a company pulls a product off the market or agrees to change to make it safe
elector person appointed to vote in presidential elections for major candidates
winner take all system a system in which the candidate who wins the popular vote in a state usually receives all the states electoral votes
propaganda certain ideas that may involve misleading messages designed to manipulate people
political action committee political organization established by a corporation labor union or other special interest groups designed to support candidates by contributing money
soft money donations given to political parties and not designated for a particular candidates election campaign
incumbent a politician who has already been elected to office

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