Colonial America

Question Answer
Why did people want to live in the new world? Religious freedom, wealth, better life, came to get out of debt, wanted to expand trade, some were forced (Slaves)
Who came to the new world? Puritans, separatists, pilgrims, quakers, indentured Servants, slaves, merchants, debtors
The great migration: Over 15,000 PURITANS journeyed to Massachusetts to escape religious persecution
2 reasons for growth in the colonies between 1607-1775 Immigration and colonial woman married at an early age and had large families
Triangular grade: from Europe to Africa Manufactured goods; beads, cloth, salt, weapons
Triangular trade: from Africa to America Labor; slaves, ivory, gold
Triangular trade: From America to Europe Raw materials; molasses, rum, sugar, tobacco
The French and Indian war: the war was between French and Indians vs. British
Albany plan of Union This plan called for a??one general governmenta?? created by Ben Franklin
Treaty of Paris France gave up most American land

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