core vocab

Term Definition
analyze Break down into parts
infer figure out using clues and prior know ledge
refer go back
summarize short retelling-include most important events
conclude figure out
classify put into groups
define give a meaning to
justify explain your thinking or anwser
label mark what it is
organize to put in a category
sequence put into an order
central/main idea what the text is mostly about
comparison a description of similar people,places,ideas,things
illustration a drawing, steps shown, example
evidence the information in the text that proves or supports the idea
point of view who is telling the story, from which vantage point
stanza a group of lines in a poem
theme overall lesson taught though the text for the reader's own life…example: courage, responsibility, kindness, perseverance
cause what makes something happen (keywords in text include: because, when
response (respond)
specific exact,
strategy a tool use to figure something out

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