Term Definition
FAFSA the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
private student loans are financed by private companies rather than the government
Perkins loans ave a set 5% interest rate and a 10 year repayment period.
federal student loans offered directly to students by the government
apprenticeship A learning period of up to five years including on-the-job training (with pay) and additional coursework at night.
career ladder Upward movement from an entry-level job to the job that is a final goal
college A four-year institution of learning where students earn an undergraduate degree (BA or BS degree)
cooperative education When a degree program is combined with an internship in a company as part of practical education in a field.
grants and scholarships Money to pay for college that does not need to be paid back.
interships Time spent working for a company in an industry of interest. They can be paid or unpaid and can last from six weeks to a year
occupational training program These range from a half day weekly during high school to two-year, full-time programs spent learning a trade such as firefighting, medical technology, or IT network management.
university An organization of advanced education that has the necessary certification to award graduate or undergraduate degrees

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