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What term defines salaries or commissions for yourself and your employees including payroll taxes Compensation
How many methods of electrolysis are currently available 3
What muscle causes the thumb to move toward the fingers and allows the hand to grasp or make a fist Opponens
What action occurs during the ask analyze and assess phase Observe the skin
What is a measurement of the degree of magnification in skincare lamps is known as Diopter
A machine that uses pressurized steam to sterilize critical implements is referred to as Autoclave
a fibrous protein which prevents skin from sagging is Elastin
A mixture of two or more compounds in which each component is evenly dispersed is called a Solution
For a more dramatic cleaner looking eyebrow it is recommended that an esthetician use a Pencil
Which of the following term refers to recommending and providing the best product for a client to purchase Retailing
What should be done to create the illusion of an oval face if a client has a square face shape Shade area directly below cheekbones and blend towards Center of jawline
What is the control center of the cell's activities called Nucleus
Direct steam over the client's face is used to provide which of the following benefits To expand pores and soften the skin
What phase of service involves soliciting feedback recommending a home care regimen and scheduling the clients next appointment Completion
The eyebrow shaping guidelines state that the distance between the eyebrows should be Equal to the width of the eye
Chemical exfoliation includes the use of either of the following substances name three Enzyme Alpha hydroxy acid and natural substances
Is an abrasive scrub a chemical exfoliation No
When having a waxing service which condition is considered highly contagious Active herpes
What is a highly contagious viral infection that causes blister like outbreaks Herpes simplex
What skincare product reduces friction and provides slip to the skin during massage Massage cream oil
What is the most important factor to consider when choosing a mask that is appropriate for the client's skin Key ingredients
The body system that generates New Life to perpetuate the species is known as Reproductive system
Appropriate nutrient intake is referred to as Recommended dietary allowances
Bacteria creates spores to protect themselves in unfavorable conditions during which stage Inactive stage
Utility supplies cost of promotions Postage and taxes are identified as which types of cost Variable
What is the first step in the event of a heat burn that does not break the skin Immerse burn area in Cool Water
According to the statistics what percentage of all purchase stems from impulse buying 45 to 65%
Galvanic high-frequency faradic and sinusoidal are the four types of Current
What is considered a warm undertone Light Peach
A primary component of the Skins cells is a protein substance called Keratin
And unique atomizer that allows for the appliance of various herbs extracts and astringents is Electric pulverizer
What is the liquid part of a solution called

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