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System of bringing new states to Unioin. It promoted public education and banned slavery Northwest Ordinance
Why the Articles of Confederation was created with weaknesses There was a fear of a strong, powerful government
The weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation led to this meeting The Constitutional Convention
Shay's Rebellion united the states because The states wanted to make a national change in the government
The state of Franklin failed because North Carolina did not want to give up the land
The Founding Fathers wanted to revise the Articles of Confederation because Shay's Rebellion proved the weakness of the government
The Three-Fifths Compromise Counted slaves as three-fifths of a person
Define Federalism Powers shared by local and national government
The Great Compromise combined these two plans New Jersey Plan and Virginia Plan
The Great Compromise balanced issues with this difference Large and small populations
The President can veto a bill based on this principle of the Constitution Checks and Balances
Why is New Hampshire important in regards to the Constitution They were the 9th state to ratify
Why is Delaware important in regards to the Constitution They were the 1st state to ratify
Antifederalists were upset about the Constitution because it did not address this issue Individual rights
The fifth amendment to the Constitution protects Criminals from testifying against themselves in court
Washington's Farewell Address warned against Political parties, National Debt, and alliances with foreign nations
Define Domestic Inside one's country
This caused farmers to lash out in what is known as the Whiskey Rebellion Taxes on whiskey
Washington believed that the US should not take sides with any European countries that were at war Neutrality Proclamation
This settled the disputes between US and Great Britain in the early 1790s Jay's Treaty
Pickney's Treaty settled this The border and trade disputes with Spain
The differences between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton led to The formation of political parties in the US
This showed President Adam's unwillingness to go to war XYZ Affair
The Alien and Sedition Acts were intended to Crush opposition to the federal government
Alexander Hamilton, a "loose interpreter" of the Constitution wanted a Strong, central government
Thomas Jefferson, a "strict interpreter" of the Constitution wanted a Government limited power
The trial of John Peter Zenger represents which Bill of Right 1st
George Washington created a Cabinet to Have a group of people he trusted in government
There is flexibility in the Constitution based of of this clause The Elastic Clause

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