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Water Table A°A?A?A« ???§a˜?i?? The upper surface of underground water; the upper boundary of the zone of saturation. ???§a˜?i??
Water Cycle A°A?A?A¦???§ The continuous movement of water from the ocean, to the atmosphere, to the land, and back to the ocean. A°A?A?A¦???¦
Condensation A?A˜A?A?A?A????? takes place when water vapor cools and charges into water droplets that form cloud in the atmosphere. Water LOSES energy during condensation. A?A˜A?A?A?A?????
Evaporation A?A˜A?A?A?A? a˜?i??a˜?i?????? takes place when water from the oceans and the earths surface changes into water vapor. Energy from the sun causes evaporation. Water GAINS energy during evaporation. A?A˜A?A?A?A? a˜?i??a˜?i??????
Runoff A°A?A?A? ???????¦ Precipitation that flows OVER and into streams and rivers. This water later enters oceans. A°A?A?A? ???????¦
Percolation A?A¬A?A?A?A?a˜?i?? The DOWNWARD movement of water though pores and other spaces is soil and gravity.a˜?i??
Precipitation A°A?A?A§ a˜?i?? Rain show or hail that falls from the clouds onto the earths land and oceans A°A?A?A§ a˜?i??
Transpiration a˜?i?????? the process of water movement through a plant and its evaporation from aerial parts, such as leaves, stems and flowersa˜?i??????
Groundwater ???µ the water present beneath Earth's surface in soil pore spaces and in the fractures of rock formations. A unit of rock or an unconsolidated deposit is called an aquifer when it can yield a usable quantity of water.???µ
Aquifer ???¬ A body of rock or sediment that stores groundwater and allows the flow of groundwater.???¬
Porosity??§????»a??a??i?? The % of the total volume of a rock or sediment that consists of open spaces??§????»a??a??i??
Permeability ??§????»a??a??i?? The property of allowing fluid though (the object) ??§????»a??a??i??
Impermeable a?? not allowing fluid to pass througha??
Artesian spring???? A spring whose water flows from a crack in the cap rock above the aquifer,????
Well ???? A deep hole or shaft sunk into the earth to obtain water, oil, gas, or brine. ????
Zone of Aeration a? i?? the region between the earth's surface and the water table. The main components of this region are the soil and rocks. … also known as the unsaturated area, vadose zone or zone of suspended water.a? i??
Zone of saturation a˜?i?? The area in an aquifer, below the water table, in which relatively all pores and fractures are saturated with water. a˜?i??

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