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Martin Luther quit law school and became a monk,he developed new beliefs known as Lutheranism. Against paying money to the church for “a ticket out of purgatory”. In 1517 he made his 95 thesis statements and put them on the church’s door about indulgences.
King Henry VII In 1529 he defended the church against Luther.1st wife was katherine of Aragon and his second wife was Anne boleyn. He wanted to divorce Katherine to marry Anne and pope Clement VII said no ,so he made up his own religion called the Anglican Church.
The Counter Reformation In the 1530’s catholic church started major reform effort,began as an attempt to return the church back to an emphasis on spiritual matters. Allowed the church to make doctrines more clear.Campaign to stop the spread of protestantism.
The Council of Trent in 1545 church leaders met to define luther’s ideas.They agreed about ending abuses of sales of indulgences and tighten discipline within the clergy. They disagreed for emphasized need for ceremonies and that people should depend on priests
Pope Paul III worked to receive a spiritual outlook on catholic church.Appointed devout and learned men as bishops and cardinals.Brought the inquisition to Rome and used extreme punishments on heretics.
Pope Paul IV established Index of Forbidden Books
Charles V summoned luther to appear before the imperial diet, special meeting of the empire’s rulers at the city of worms. Commanded luther to abandon his ideas, luther refused and was outlawed. Now not allowed to print and sell his work.Lacked power to enforce rul
Outcomes of Reformation devastating religious wars,different churches appeared throughout europe,education became more important.

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