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What was the relationship between the philistines and the twelve tribes The tribes feared the philistines (enemies)
Why would the Israelites want a king To unite/lead them
What was samuels warning about kings He warned that the king would tax the Israelites and make them slaves.
What prophet anointed Saul? How did he do it? Samuel. He blessed him in oil
Why was Saul not a successful king? He displeased God by disobeying some of his commands
Who followed Saul as king? The Israelites
Describe the life of David and his relationship with Saul Saul was a shepherd. He also killed Goliath. He was also the general of the army- he never lost a battle. Saul grew envious and plotted to kill David. David took the throne in about 1000 B.C
Accomplishments and failures of Soloman AccomplishmentsBuilt stone temple in Jerusalem. Also known for wise sayings (proverbs)FailuresHe taxed people to pay for his great buildingsTo get more money he made young men worn in the mines of a neighboring country
What happens after Solomona??s death? The Northerners rebelled and fighting broke out. Ten of the Twelve tribes set of their own nation in the North. It was called the kingdom of Israel. The other two tribes founded Judah.
Explain the role of the Chaldeans and Assyrians They were building empires in Southwest Asia
Who were the Prophets The Prophets wanted to bring the Israelites back to Gods laws
What caused the Fall of Israel Assyrians conquered Israel and scattered the the 10 tribes and their empire
Why did Judah fall Egyptians conquered it.
Who conquered Egypt The Chaldeans
Who takes 10,000 Israelites and enslaved them in Babylon? Nebuchadnezzar
What does Nebuchadnezzar do to the temple He destroys it
Who built a kingdom in Canaan in about 1000 B.C.? Israelites
Believing in one god is also known as Monotheism
Followers of Judaism are also known as Jews
What other religions did Judaism influence and what did it do? Influenced Christianity and Islam. It helped shape beliefs and practices
Where did the Israelites come from/ where did they settle/ Who lead them? They came from Mesopotamia and settled in Cannan. Abraham lead them. They believed they were descendants from Abraham
What was the promise They promise to worship one true god and land of Canaan would be promised to Abraham and his descendants in return.
Whats Abrahams grandsons name Jacob. He was also called Israel which means a??one who struggles with god.a?? Later this name was given to his descendants
Where is Canaan now Ita??s current day Israel
How many sons did Jacob raise? What will they become? 12. They will become the 12 Tribes Of Israel
Why did the Israelites live in Israel for 100 years before moving to Egypt? Drought
Who was found hidden in a basket on the riverbank as a baby Moses
Who found Moses The Pharaohs daughter
What did Moses sew in 1290 B.C. He saw a burning bush and heard a voice. He believed it was God telling him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.
What did god send to get Pharaoh to release the Israelites? He sent the 10 plagues to trouble Egypt
What did the last plague that god sent do? It would kill all first born children except for those of Israelites who marked their doorway with lambs blood.
Who parted the Red Sea and why? God, to let his people pass
When Moses went to Mount Sinai what did he receive? Laws from god, also known as the Torah. Later, they became the first part of the Hebrew Bible.
What did the Torah describe? a covenant, or an agreement with God
What did god promise if they followed the laws? He promised to return the Israelites to Canaan
What did the Torah explain? It explained right and wrong by God
What was the most important part of the Torah? The Ten Commandments
What did the Ten Commandments help develope? A belief called Rule Of Law where laws apply to everyone equally
When does exile occur? It occurs when people are forced to leave their homeland
When did Jews meet each week On the Sabbath. A day of worship and rest, in a synagogue or house of worship
what happened in 538 B.C. after the Persians defeated the Chaldeans and took control of Babylon King Cyrus allowed the Jews to return to Judah
Who did Jews look to to run their society Priests and Scholars
What scribe were the Jews under when they wrote the five books of the Torah Ezra
What does the Hebrew Bible consist of The TorahThe ProphetsAnd 34 other books
What does the book of Genesis tell us It tells us how God punished people for bad behavior. Noah is in the book of Genesis. It also explains why the world has different languages
What does the book of Daniel remind the Jews? That God will rescue them
Who came in control of Judah in 331 B.C.? Alexander the Great
What did Alexander introduce to the Jews who stayed in Judah The Greek language
What does the diaspora refer to? It refers to the Jews who lived outside of Judah. Diaspora means scattered BITCHHCHCHCHCHHC.
What did the diaspora Jews copy? They copied the Hebrew Bible into Greek
What did the Greek ruler Antiochus want the Jews to worship He wanted the Jews to worship Greek gods and goddesses.
What did the priest Judas do to fight the Greeks? Him and his followers formed an army called the Maccabees to fight the Greeks
What did the Maccabees do? They drove the Greeks out of Judah. They removed the evidence of the Gods and Goddesses from their temple. Each year Jews recall the cleansing of the temple, also known as Hanukkah
When do boys mitzvahs? At age 13. This is when they become accountable for their actions
What is the Kashrut? Jewish laws that stated that Jews could eat only certain foods
What certain animals can Jews eat? Beef, lamb, and certain scaly fish
What is Kosher? It is food that is prepared according to Jewish law. The meat must be killed a certain way as well as he inspected, salted, and soaked.
What do Jewish mens? wear? A kippah or yarmulke as well as tunics and sandals. They wore kippahs because of the belief a??cover your head in order that the fear of heaven may be upon youa??
In 63B.C what did the Romans do? They conquered Judah and renamed it Judaea
What was King Herod of Judaea, the most famous ruler of Judaea, known for? The additions he made to the Jewish temple in Jerusalem
After Herods death the romans replaced Jewish Kings with? Roman officials
When were the Dead Sea scrolls found and what did they describe? Near the Dead Sea in 1947 A.D. they described Judaism during Roman times.

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