Question Answer
definition of light proverbs 6:23
the prophets of the bible are Jews amos 2:11
death for unlawful clothing zephaniah 1:8
What captivity were we in before the Roman captivity? Greek captivity
Our enemies named the lands after themselves psalm 49:11
definition of renaissance re-birth
God does not hear sinners john 9:31
Judah and Israel were oppressed together jeremiah 50:33
the jews believed in Christ john 11:45
can't void the law through faith Roman 3:31
What is sin? 1 john 3:4
a man may be known by his look sirach 19:29-30
it's okay for men to trim their beards 2 samuel 19:24
the color of Esau genesis 25:25
Israel would disconnect from their heritage jeremiah 17:4
eyes red with wine genesis 49:12
blonde hair is unclean leviticus 13:30
What is righteousness? deuteronomy 6:25
What is "good" according ti the bible? romans 7:12 & proverbs 4:2
What is the holy spirit? john 6:63 & acts 7:51-53
What is the truth? psalm 119:142
Who did God foreknow? romans 11:1-2 & romans 8:29
if a man doesn't work, he doesn't eat 2 thessalonians 3:10

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