Morpheme Flash Cards Morpheme words and definitions

Term Definition
mono/uni prefix meaning one
prim/prin something that is first
di/bi prefix meaning two
tri prefix meaning three
quad prefix meaning four
chrom color
meter measure
-ology the study of
multi/poly more than one
anti opposite or against
fore previous
sub/hypo under or below
super above
port to carry
biblio book
contra opposite or against
labor work
ortho straighten
graph write
lith stone
ped feet
semi/hemi half
homo same
juven young
meso middle
omni all
photo light
art skill or craft
auto self
therm heat
collaborate work together
essential important
agile able to move quickly and easily
barren empty
brackish somewhat salty
cumbersome hard to hand due to size/weight
cordial friendly
dismal gloomy
forlorn sad and lonely
morose extremely sad
lucid clear
loom something will happen
whittle to carve
relic antique or old
dawdle move or act too slowly

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