Periodic table All of the periodic.

Question Answer
H Hydrogen
Li Lithium
Be Beryllium
C Carboon
B Boron
N Nitrogen
O Oxygen
F Fluorine
Ne Neon
He Helium
Na Sodium
Mg Magnesium
Al Aluminum
Si Silicon
P Phosphorus
S Sulfur
Cl Chlorine
Ar Argon
K Potassium
Ca Calcium
Ti Titanium
Cr Chromium
Mn Manganese
Fe Iron
Co Cobalt
Ni Nikel
Cu Copper
Zn Zinc
As Arsenic
Ag Sliver
Sn Tin
I Iodine
W Tungsten
Pt Plantinum
Au Gold
Hg Mercury
Pb Lead
Rn Rudon
Ra Radium
Br Bromine

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