pva 7th ss4 revolution

Term Definition
first continental congress a gathering of colonial leaders who were deeply troubled about relationship between Great Britain
patriots coloniest who chose to fight for independence from Great Britain
minutemen men who were ready to fight in a minute
redcoats uniforms with bright red jacket
second continental congress the second group of delegates from the colonies
battle of bunker hill famous conflict occur
first continental congress drafted the Declaration of Rights
first continental congress goal was to state the colonists concerns and the king to correct them
first continental congress encouraged colonists to continue boycotting British goods
first continental congress did not seek a separation from Britian
patriots wanted to fight for freedom from Great Britain
minutemen Revere and Dawes were riders to sound the alert for the militia to get ready
second continental congress the first attempt at a republican government for the colonies; second group of colonist
second continental congress King George III refused to listen to their concerns so they called this meeting
second continental congress delegates meet in Philadelphia to decide how to react to fight at Lexington and Concord
continental army soldiers from all colonies and would carry out the fight against Britain
continental army delegates authorizing the Massachusetts militia
continental army delegates sent word to these people to get ready to fight
redcoats British soldiers
redcoats easy target for the colonists to hit
Battle of Bunker Hill the Patriots lost
Battle of Bunker Hill actually launched from Breed's Hill
Common Sense 47-page pamphlet that was distributed in Philadelphia in January 1776
Common Sense published anonymously
Common Sense written to argue against British rule over America
Common Sense was written to say that citizens should make laws
Common Sense written by Thomas Paine
Declaration of Independence announced the colonies break from Great Britain
Declaration of Independence expressed that people possess unalienable rights,
Declaration of Independence rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
Declaration of Independence written to protect the rights of citizens and influenced by the Enlightment ideal
Loyalist colonists who chose to side with the British
Loyalist called Tories
Thomas Paine urge them to declare independence
George Washington revolutionary war hero
Thomas Jefferson main author for Declaration of Independence
George Washington patriots leader
George Washington commander of continental army
George Washington served as representative in continental congress
Thomas Jefferson served in 2 continental armies (congress)

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