Site Feasibility

Question Answer
6 areas of due diligence considerations 1.) Social2.) Locational 3.) Financial4.) Legal/Regulatory 5.) Physical 6.) Environmental
Important Seller Docs (5) 1.) Title Commitment 2.) Survey3.) Soils Report 4.) Topography Map5.) Phase I
______ can sometimes sub for important seller docs Reliance Letter
Legal/Reg Considerations 1), Marketable title2.) Zoning (Pref by right)3.) Density Density Density
ESA qualifies for Innocent landowner defense
Liability for environmental clean up can apply to any Potential Responsible Party (PRP)
PHASE 1 serves to identify recognized environmental conditions (REC)
4 components of PHASE 1 Records review, site reconnaissance, interviews, report
PHASE 2 come into play when concerns are identified that require further investigation
PHASE 3 requires corrective action
Less than ____ slope is desirable 15%
Generally commercial sites require some slope >5% slope
Use ____ maps and ____ lines for assessment Topography maps, contour lines
Preliminary Geo Tech shows 1.) soil conditions 2.) ground water3.) layering4.) prominent soil types
Final Geo Tech 1..) foundation design parameters2.) PVRs3. )Recommends foundation maintenance procedures4.) Sub grade improvement procedures
Base flood elevations are based off of 100 year flood event

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