skeletal system

Question Answer
bones are made of living tissue,bone tissue,cartilage,dense connective tissue,blood and nerve tissue
bones are classified by shape
long bones have long axes and expanded ends
short bones are cube like, length and width are somewhat equal
irregular bones come in a variety of shapes and are usually connected to several other bones
sesamoid bones small and nodular and imbedded in the tendons
epiphysis expanded portion at the end of the bone
diaphysis the shaft of the bone between the epiphysis
periosteum vascular covering of the fiberous tissue that encloses the bone this helps form and repair bone tissue
compact bone tightly packed bone
spongy bone consists of numerous branching bony plates with spaces between these plates reduce bone weight
medullary cavity hollow chamber inside the bone
marrow specialized soft connective tissue
osteoclast replace bone cell
osteoblast reduce bone cells
endochondral bones make up most of the skeleton and develop from masses of cartliage that are shaped like the future bones
bone function support and protect body structure, aid in body movement,house tissues that produce blood cells,store inorganic salt
support and protection give shape to ur head ,face ,thorax,and limbs
Vertebral column Extednds from the skull to the pelvis ,contains many bones called vertebrae
Typical vertebra Drum shaped intervert dis provide cushion for walking and junping
Cervical vertebrae 7 vErtebrae of the neck first vertebrae is called atlas second is called axis
Thoracic vertebrae Contains 12 vertebrae that are longer then the cervical vertebrae Contains a living pointed spinous process Increase in size going down the column
Lumbar vertebrae
Located in the small of the back
Sacrum Triangular structure in the chest
Coccyx Tailbone
Thoracic cage Includes in the ribs ,thoracic vertebrae ,sacrum
Ribs 24 ribs 7 true 5 false
Sternum 3 parts top part menibrum,second xyphoid,bottom floating
Pectoral girdle Chest
Clavicle Collar bone
Scapulae Shoulder

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