Skeletal System skeletal organization

How many parts are there? 2axiel and appendicular
Parts of Axial skeleton::A labeled Asupport and protect organs of head, neck, and trunk
A– skull consists of cranial and facial bones
A–hyoid bone located in neck below jawsupports and attaches to muscle that move tongue
A–vertebral column(backbone) consists of many vertebrae that connectfuse together at bottom to form sacrum
A–thoracic cage protects visera of thoracic cavity and upper abdomen. 12 pairs (24 ribs) connect to sternum and vertebrae
Appendicular Skeleton AP labeled APbones of upper and lower limbs and bones that attach them to axiel
AP–pectoral girdle consists of scapula and clavicleconnects to upper limbs
AP–upper limbs humerus, radius, ulna, 8 carpals, metacarpals, and the phalanges
AP–pelvic girdle 2 hip bonesConnects to lower limbs forms pelvis
AP–lower limbs femur, tibia, fibula, 7 tarsals, metatarsals, and phalanges

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