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cd.. or cd .. (short for change directory) Change to the parent directory (Linux Command cd..)
cd or cd Change to the root directory Linux Command – cd / (note the forward slash)
cls Clear the screen Linux – Clear
exit Close a command prompt window
fc (file compare) Compare the contents of two files Linux – diff (difference)
copy Copy a file Linux – cp (copy)
mkdir or md (make directory) Create a directory Linux – mkdir
del or erase Delete files Linux -rm (remove)
rmdir or rd (remove dir) Delete directories Linux – rmdir
more Display file contents, a screen at a time Linux – more or less
mem Display the amount of available RAM Linux – free
date Display/change the date
echo Echo output to the screen
dir or attrib Find a file by filename
find or grep Find a text string in a file
pwd (print working directory) Show the current filepath
But what exactly are British Values? DemocracyRule of law Individual LibertyMutual respect Tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs
What do call the group of people allowed to vote? Electorate
what do you call a crime that can give a death sentence? Capital offense
what kind of laws separate people based on race? Segregation laws
Value all people and their experience Diversity
To judge a person because of their religion. Prejudice
Gender— often leads to single sex industries Stereotyping
Only employing men in a workforce is an example of Discrimination
<!DOCTYPE html> doc type declaration
<h1></h1> heading 1
<p></p> paragraph
HTML HyperText Markup Language
Why should you use command line tools There are many great tools that are only available at the command line.
What is a shell The first command that is run when you access the command line, it povides you with the actual interactive command-line interface.

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