Tangerine Part 1 Tangerine Review Part 1

Question Answer
Once we dump the garbage bag, that will be it. That will be the last evidence that the family ever lived in Houston. What is the last name of the family? Fisher
Give the town and state that the family will be moving to. Tangerine, Florida
As Paul is leaving his old house he is fascinated by a row of black mailboxes. Then he hears a car engine start up. Because of these two things together a memory comes back to Paul. What is the memory? a man in a black car has on a ski mask and tries to kill him with a baseball bat
Muck fires never go out. Where are they burning? under the ground
What is lignite? one step before coal
According to Wayne, how does one deal with a muck fire? learn to live with it
What is Erik’s position on the football team? kicker
Why does Paul qualify for an IEP? visually impaired
Paul experiences another memory. This time it is the first day of kindergarten and he is waiting on the bus. Erik is in the fifth-grade. Erik’s friends start calling Paul, Eclipse Boy? Why? Erik had told his friends that Paul wears glasses because he stared at the sun with unprotected eyes during eclipse
Paul does not remember staring at the sun during the eclipse. What does Paul notice about the family photos that proves to him that he must have looked at the eclipse? pictures taken before that summer showed he never word glasses, after the eclipse he is wearing glasses
What caused Mike Costello’s death? hit by lightning
Paul just knows deep down that Erik is part of the eclipse story. What is the main reason that Paul does not want Erik to die? doesn't want Erik to die and take that part of the story with him
Paul and Joey are at Lake Windsor Middle School on their way back to class and they start hearing a whooshing sound. The walkways to the portables are breaking apart and mud is swirling. What has caused the problem? sink hole
Paul is elated with the chance to go to Tangerine Middle. Why? could start all over

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