Unit 4 Reformation and Religious Conflict

Question Answer
Jan Huss Who was the protestant martyr whose was burned at the stake for criticizing the Catholic Church?
John Wycliffe Who was the clergyman who protested the power of the Catholic Church by translating the Bible into the English vernacular?
Galileo Galilei Who was punished by Catholic Church for arguing heliocentrism over geocentrism?
Martin Luther Who was "father" of the Protestant Reformation and author of the 95 Theses?
Jean Calvin Who popularized the idea of predestination and created a theocracy in Geneva Switzerland?
Predestination What is the idea God already knows who is elected to go to heaven and who is damned?
indulgences What are tickets to heaven-sold as a means to achieve salvation?
95 Theses What was written by Martin Luther, to outline the errors in Catholic teachings/launched Reformation?
Protestant Reformation What was the Protest against the wealth, power, and corruption of the Catholic Church?
Catholic/Counter Reformation What was the Catholic Church's dual effort to stop the Protestant Reformation and reform the Catholic Church?
Inquisition What was the Catholic courts to prosecute heretics, witches, and Judaizers?
Council of Trent What was formed by the Catholic Church to reaffirm Catholic doctrine and plan to fight the Protestant movement?
Index of Banned Books What was the Catholic attempt to stop the spread of anti-Catholic ideas through printed materials?
King Henry VIII Who was the English royal who broke from the Catholic Church and established the Church of England?
Cardinal Richelieu Who was the Catholic clergymen who turned the Thirty Years Wars in to a political, rather than religious war?
Queen Elizabeth I Who was the English royal who solidified Anglicanism in England?
Emperor Charles V Who was the Holy Roman Emperor who abdicated after failing to consolidate Western Europe under Catholic control?
The Thirty Years War What was the battle between Protestant Northern German princes & the Catholic Hapsburg ruling family?
France What was the country in which Protestant Huguenots battled the Catholic monarchy?
Protestant Church What is any Christian Church that is not Catholic or Orthodox?
Catholic Church What was the only and most powerful Christian Church in Europe before the Reformation?
heretic what is anyone who spreads false religious teachings which differ from Catholic doctrine?
Johannes Gutenburg Who created the 1st printing press in Europe?
Jesuits/Society of Jesus What was the Catholic religious order focused on missionary work and education?
Ignatius of Loyola Who was the founder of the Jesuits?
Armenian Genocide What resulted from violence committed by the Muslim Ottoman Turks against Orthodox Christian minority?
The Arab-Israeli Conflict What has been the result of violence between Muslim Palestinians, Muslim Arab nations, and Jews in the "Holy Land"
partitioning of India into Pakistan & Bangladesh What resulted from violence between Hindus and Muslims following independence from Britain?
“The Troubles” What resulted from violence between Irish Catholic Republicans and Protestant British Loyalists?
Bosnian and Croat “Genocide” What resulted from violence by Orthodox Christians against Catholic and Muslim minorities in the former Yugoslavia
secular What word means without reference to religion?
Treaty of Westphalia What allowed for religious freedom for Protestants following the Thirty Years War?
Treaty of Nantes What allowed for the freedom of religion for French Huguenots, temporarily ending the French Wars of Religion?

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