World History Test

Question Answer
Estate Social classes
Bourgeoisie Middle class citizens
Louis XVI Weak and indecisive king
Jaques Necker Swiss banker brought in for Louis XVI for financial purposes
Estate general Legislative body made of representatives from each estate
Tennis court oath Where 3rd estate met and said they would not leave until they made a new constitution
Deficit spenidng Spending more money than you have or are getting
Cahiers Notebooks
Great fear Countryside was afraid Louis XVI was going to attack
Factions Small organized group within a larger one
Marie Antoinette Sister to Joseph II
Declaration of the rights of man and citizen Passed by the French assembly, an important document that became the basis for the nation
Civil constitution of the clergy Law passed in attempt to recognize the Catholic church
Emigre Person who left their homeland to settled in another
Sans-culotte Lower class people in the republic of Paris
republic State in which supreme power is held by the people and their representatives
Jacobins A member of the radical democratic political party
What was the importance of the October days The women kidnapped Louis XVI and placed him in a prison in France to show that they wanted him to be closer to the people
Robespierre Member of the Committee of Public Safety, executed for conspiracy as had two close friends executed
Reign of terror Period of remorseless bloodshed
Guillotine Machine made for execution by cutting off heads
Nationalism Pride in ones' nation
Napoleon French general, political leader, and emperor of France
Napoleonic code Code established for property, personal status, and acquisition of property
Annex The expansion of a territory or area
Continental system Policy made by Napoleon to have Europe cut off trade to Britain
Scorched earth policy Process of burning crops and goods so national enemies cannot use the goods
Abdicate To renounce ones' throne
Battle of waterloo Batlle between France and Britain
Congress of Vienna Meeting of European nations to redraw political map of europe
Legitimacy Conformity to the laws of an established form of government
Concert of europe (GET HELP)

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