about rachel 1 question

Question Answer
Who does Rachel Hate? Logan Harrison
Who is one of Rachel's Favorite Youtuber? Laurenzide
Who else is one of Rachel's Favorite Youtuber? Kubzscouts
What about Biju Mike? Yes
True or False? Rachel's Birthday is the 27th of September False
What is Rachel's Goal? To make a Cartoon about Cats to entertain People
What is Rachel's FULL name? Rachel Elizabeth Spence
What youtuber does she act like when she's scared when she's playing Minecraft? Markiplier
Who is Rachel's best friend in her school? Candace Jones
What does Rachel's room look like? Messy
What is her favorite game that Youtubers play? Yandere Simulator
Who is her favorite rival in Yandere Simulator Osoro
What is she kind of a fan of? Sonic Stuff
What is her favorite Sonic game that she has ever played? Sonic all stars racing transformed
What is her favorite anime TV show? Sonic X
What is her TV show? The Simpsons
Who are her Favorite Simpson Characters? Bart Simpson and Milhouse Van Houten
What is her fav movie? The emoji movie

Lesson 14 Medical Terminology

Term Definition
proxim- nearest
scol- curved
apo- away from
di- twice
dia- through
eury- broad
pect- chest
necr- dead
mi- less
morph- form
dis- apart
fac- make, do
lept- slender
lymph- watery fluid
meta- beyond
-rrhag burst, burst forth
sta- stand
ton- stretch
volv- to roll
splanchn- internal organs
-rrhe flow
med- middle
xer- dry
per- throughout
blast- bud


Question Answer
The country that Jesus lived in? palestine
What were main the main parts of Palestine? Judea, Samaria, Galilee
Jesus' main ministry base Capernaum
Where Jesus was born Bethlehem
Where Jesus grew up Nazareth
Where Jesus died Jerusalem
Place Jews avoided Samaria
Every town had what around it? Walls
The capital of Palestine Judea

Human Rights

Term Definition
Endowed to be given
Brotherhood feeling of friendship, an understanding between people
Reaffirms to say something again to prove that it's true
Conscience inner sense of what is right and wrong
Conflict fighting between countries
Dignity being worthy of respect
Excluded Did not apply to
Entitled to give a right to someone
Fundamental the basics
Aspirations something a person wants to achieve
Articulated clearly stated or said
Inalienable Impossible to take away or give up
Promoting to make people aware of
Upholding to support or defend
Constitution a system or organization that is ruled

test prep help studying words

Question Answer
credential a quality, skill , or experience that makes a person suited to do a job .
credible able to be believed; reasonable to trust or believe .
creditor a person , bank, or company that lends money to someone .
creed a statement of the basic beliefs of a religion; an idea or set of beliefs that guides the actions of a person or group .
incredulous not able or willing to believe something ; feeling or showing a lack of belief .
displace to take the job or position of someone or something ; to force people or animals to leave the area where they live .
disgrace to cause someone to feel ashamed ;to cause someone or something to lose or become unworthy of respect or approval .
decode to find or understand the true or hidden meaning of something ; to change secret messages , documents for a set of letters ,numbers, and /or symbols you can not understand into words that you can understand .
deprive to take something away from someone or something ; to not allow to have or keep something.
decline to become lower in amount or less in number ; to become worst in condition or quality ; unfortunately , the patients health continued to decline . to say that you will not or cannot do something.

unit 5

anecdote a short account of an incident
counterfeit (n)an imitation to deceive
counterfeit (adj)not fake
counterfeit (v)to make an illegal copy
dominate to rule over by strength or power
fallible capable of being wrong
grimy very dirty,covered with dirt or soot
maul to beat or knock about,to handle roughly
radiant shining,bright;giving forth light or energy
substantial large important,big,significant
tactful skilled in handling difficult situations
uncertainty doubt,the state of being unsure
consolidate to combine,unite;to make solid
docile easily,taught,led,or managed
entreat to beg,implore
fickle liable to change very rapidly
fugitive(n) (n)one who fleas or runs away
fugitive(adj) (adj)fleeting,lasting a short time
iota a very small part or quantity
potential(adj) possible,able to happen
potential(n) something that can develop or become a reality
rural relating to farm and country areas
tamper to interfere with;to handle in secret
ultimate last,final;most important or extreme


Question Answer
What is the first 5 books of the bible? Torah
What is the collection of Jewish and civil laws called? Talmud
What are Jewish ministers called? Rabbi
Where would a worship service be held? Synagogue
All the walls standing around the Jews holy temple were destroyed by the Romans except…? The Western Wall
When did the Romans attack Jerusalem? a.d. 70

spanish spanish 1b

Question Answer
artistico artistic
atrevedo daring
bueno good
deportista sports minded
des ordinado dis organized
ordenado organized
estudioso studious
feo ugly
gracioso funny
guapo attractive
impaciante impacient
intellighente smart
paciente patient
pezezoso lazy
reservado shy
serio serious
simpatico nice
socialble social
talentoso talented
trabanar traba hadora hard working
antipatico unpleasant
yo soy i am
el amigo la amiga male friend
el chica female friend
siempre always
a veses sometimes
nunca never
muy very
pero but
segun according to
segun mi familia according to my family
le gusta he or she likes
como eres what are you like
como es what is he or she like
como se llama what is he or she name
se llama are you
el he
los the
la the
las the
un a
unos some
una a

Ryleigh’s words

Term Definition
Aphorism (n) A pithy observation that contains a general truth
Meander (v) (Of a river or road) follow a winding course
Ceremonious (adj) Excessively polite
Maxim (N) A short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct
Plunge (v) Jump or dive energetically
Abstain (v) Restrain oneself from doing or enjoying
Glee (n) Great delight
Increase (v) Become or make greater in size
Dealing (n) A business or transaction
Grief (n) Deep sorrow

MGMT Ch. 7 Exam 2

Question Answer
Which of the following primarily accounts for an? individual's intensity,? direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a? goal? Motivation
Which dimension of motivation measures how long a person can maintain? effort? Persistence
Which of the following is NOT among the early theories of? motivation? Goal-setting theory
Which of the following needs in? Maslow's hierarchy refers to the drive to become what one is capable of? becoming? Self-actualization
Which need in? Maslow's hierarchy refers to security and protection from physical and emotional? harm? Safety
According to Douglas? McGregor's Theory? X, a manager assumes that employees? ________. inherently dislike work
Which motivation theory is also called? motivation-hygiene theory? Two-factor theory
Which of the following theories proposes that people can be both satisfied and dissatisfied with their? jobs? Two-factor theory
Under? Herzberg's two-factor? theory, which of the following is classified as a hygiene? factor? Pay
Which of the following is a need that is identified in? McClelland's theory of? needs? Need for power
Which of the following statements is true according to? McClelland's theory of? needs? People with a high need for power and a low need for affiliation often make the best managers.
Which of the following is NOT a contemporary theory of? motivation? Hierarchy of needs
Which theory suggests that individuals prefer feeling in control of their actions and that anything that makes an enjoyable task feel like an obligation undermines? motivation? Self-determination theory
According to? ___________ theory, extrinsic rewards reduce intrinsic interest in a task. cognitive evaluation
Which theory suggests that goals should be specific and challenging and that performance feedback should be made? available? Goal-setting theory
Which of the following is a true statement about cognitive evaluation? theory? Extrinsic rewards will reduce intrinsic interest in a task.
Which of the following terms considers how strongly? people's reasons for pursuing goals are consistent with their interests and core? values? Self-concordance
Which of the following is the investment of an? employee's physical,? cognitive, and emotional energies into job? performance? Job engagement
With regards to? goal-setting theory, which of the following does NOT influence the goalsdash–performance ?relationship? Education levels
When people strive for advancement and? accomplishment, and they approach conditions that move them closer toward desired? goals, they are deemed to have? a(n) _________________ focus. Promotion
Which theory refers to an? individual's belief in being capable of performing a? task? Self-efficacy theory
Which of the following theories involves employees comparing what they get from their job to what they put into their? job? Equity theory
Which theory argues that the strength of our tendency to act a certain way depends on the strength of our expectation of a given outcome and its? attractiveness? Expectancy theory
Which of the following elements of? self-efficacy theory means to become more confident because you see someone else doing the? task? Vicarious modeling
Which element of equity theory is concerned with the fairness of the? outcomes, such as the pay and recognition that employees? receive? Distributive justice